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Hey every1 finished Vamped by Lucienne Diver. It was really good. But for the masculine guy, not the book for you. Unless you like talking about girl problems, clothes and make-up.
But this book was good because it is the kind of book I like to read. It was funny and very sarcastic. My favorite Paranormal books. Gina is the kind of girl who takes no for an answer. when she wakes up in her grave as a vampire she doesn't even make the transition from human to vamp seem even really hard. Just like you take a nap for 4 days and boom you are a vampire. She is the ultimate popular high school chick, but surprisingly the guy she loves is the Debate Team geek, Bobby, who turned her vamp. Just a day after being turned vamp, Gina and Bobby find themselves in trouble with Bobby's maker, Mellisande, or Melli-noma as gina prefers to call her. For more information, read the book.
Revamped comes out in November, and I cant wait to read it.
Next on the list is Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins.


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