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A Tradgic Day
 On this date, September 11, 2001, the US was rocked with a horrendous nightmare. When the World Trade Center collapsed the world stopped.
 I was 10 years old when that happened. It was the first week of the 5th grade and I remember the teacher, Mr Crell, coming in and telling us very little of what happened. He told us that a plane hit the World Trade Center. He said it was like the day the Challenger blew up. But the look on his face said it was way more than that. He said we were all leaving early to go home, and that our parents were coming to get us. Those of us who didn't have a parent coming to get us had to walk home in groups. I was one of the few who had to walk home. When I walked through the door I saw my parents faces glues to the television screen. Being 10 yrs old, I still really didn't grasp what had happened yet. Around that time, on live television we saw another plane crash into the North Tower. Almost immediately the Tower collapsed then the other. At the same time reports of two other planes were hijacked. One crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. the other was filled with some very brave passengers. Flight 93 was said to be the one that was supposed to hit the White House. But these Brave passengers took on these terrorists and fought back. The plane went down near Shanksville, Pa. There were no survivors.
   Now, nine years later, watching the replays on the news and other channels, it is still a shocking site. That day New York City lost 343 beyond brave firefighters and thousands of countless others. 
  To the families and friends who lost someone that day, so sorry for you loss. I know that's little comfort but I don't really know what to say
. To the firefighters that fought that day, I salute you.

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